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All Day Lips and Big Beautiful Eyes

Bleeding lipstick

Lipstick application can be tricky, especially when wearing red or bright shades. To avoid lipstick bleeding outside your lips and into fine lines around your mouth always use a liner. Line the outer line of your puckers and fully colour your lips with the lip liner colour before applying your lippie. It will keep the colour inside the lines and  prolonging the colour when the lipstick comes off.

Use a bright colourful shade of lipstick on your puckers to draw all the attention away from your sleepy eyes. A statement red shade is a failsafe option.

You can apply a little gloss in the centre of your lips, this will make them appear fuller.

Voila! You’ll have effervescent lips all day long.

Who would like bigger beautiful EYES

Use light and shimmering shades of eye shadow and invest in a white eyeliner. It instantly opens up your eyes by attracting light, makes them stand out and appear wide awake.Make sure you purchase a non-waterproof as the waterproof type won’t stick to your inner lid.Always apply a lighter colour of shadow on the inside 3rd and under your eye to make your eyes appear larger.

Black eyeliner creates smaller darker eyes.Great for a smokey effect. Radiate your make-up look by lining the inner corner of your eyes and lightly line your upper and lower lash line to create a vivid bright look.

If you would like your eyes to be the focus in your day wear a paler shade of lipstick .If you have bluish dark circles around your eyes, it’s best to use a yellow-based concealer to cover up. If the skin around your eyes is more of a sallow brown colour, it’s best to conceal with a mauve-based shade.

  • Lining the inner eye with a creamy white pencil will open up the eyes.
  • Lining the eyes with black gives you a cat-like effect.
  • You can’t go past deep violet tones for smoky eyes, especially when you’re wearing black.
  • There is no eye shape that is not suited to smoky eyes.
  • If you want to add a little more colour, just hit the inner corner of your eyelids with a bright lavender, gold or blue. Metallic colours are best.
  • Smoky eyes are fantastic for women with small lips; focusing on the eyes takes the attention off  the lips. If done properly, smoky eyes don’t have to be touched up after the initial application. Remember, they don’t have to be black and dark. You can achieve smoky eyes with bronzed colours, a jewelled effect, and even shades of green.

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