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How to Make Lips Look Fuller Naturally

How to Make Lips Look Fuller Naturally Lips can loose volume and plumpness with age, appearing smaller, so enhancing lip shape and creating a lifted, plump look is the aim. All types of lip products have benefits if you choose a quality product. A lip gloss is great to plump up your lips and give the illusion of a more pouty lip. Lipsticks are good also for a pop of …Read More

Give Yourself Those Irresistible Smokey Eyes

The secret of those beautiful smokey eyes you see in glossy magazine and shows is the proper blending of lighter colors into the darker. One thing you need to keep in mind is to keep your eyes smokey but to stay away from dark browns and black. The other options are to go for a deep purple, a gold-brown or champagne base with bright blue and peach base with green …Read More

Bridal Tanning Tips

A spray tan is the quickest way to get to a fantasy body. It makes you look thinner and gives you an instant glow. Also a great way to hide cellulite. If you really want to boost your body image ask your therapist to spray a little more tan on the side of your abs. It will create an illusion of toned muscles. When it comes to being tanned for …Read More

All Day Lips and Big Beautiful Eyes

Bleeding lipstick Lipstick application can be tricky, especially when wearing red or bright shades. To avoid lipstick bleeding outside your lips and into fine lines around your mouth always use a liner. Line the outer line of your puckers and fully colour your lips with the lip liner colour before applying your lippie. It will keep the colour inside the lines and  prolonging the colour when the lipstick comes off. …Read More