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Bridal Tanning Tips

A spray tan is the quickest way to get to a fantasy body. It makes you look thinner and gives you an instant glow. Also a great way to hide cellulite. If you really want to boost your body image ask your therapist to spray a little more tan on the side of your abs. It will create an illusion of toned muscles.

When it comes to being tanned for your wedding day a tanning consultant can personalize your bridal party to ensure a consistent and complimenting colouring.

I would recommend a mobile tanning therapist. This gives you the flexibility have your tan applied in the privacy of your own home so you can comfortably wear a little as you like for your tanning experience. You may choose just wear a robe or loose clothing whilst you wait to shower.

To ensure a longer lasting tan it is ideal to exfoliate your body prior to your tan.

Brides are advised to have a natural colour to smooth imperfections and give a natural golden glow. The best choice is an organic 8% DHA organic active that will not rub off on a bridal gown. The higher the DHA the more lightly it will be to rub onto your gown.

A tan that can be washed off in 2 hrs or less is the most convenient. Apply moisturizer each time you shower this will also keep your tan looking great and lasting longer.

Choose a tanning product that is organic and is alcohol,parabeen and odour free.Most tanning solutions are made from sugarbeets and sugar canes .A good idea to ask before you have a tan applied.

A spray tan takes 10minutes to be applied and lasts 7-14 days.There are many products on the market to prolong your spray tan that you can apply yourself at home.A small amount of tanning crème can be applied each day,adding to the colour you already have.

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