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Mobile Spray Tan Brisbane

Mobile Spray Tan Brisbane

A Perfect Tan for Your Wedding, School Formal, Makeover or Special Event

Naked Tan

I use and recommend Naked Tan: Australia’s First Two Hour Tan . Yes, you can shower in just 2 hours! The best choice for a rapid tan.

A gorgeous natural tan – No Orange. As seen in Cleo, Cosmopolitan, Girlfriend, Grazia and Bella Beauty.

I have always been passionate about using the most natural products possible. Naked Tan has a combination of natural and organic ingredients – No Parabeens and No Alchohol.

It is also enriched with Aloe Vera to assist with Hydrating the epidermis and Erythrulose, together ensuring a longer lasting tan.

Naked Tan has a lovely Vanilla and Coconut scent. So you can say goodbye to that strong smell of fake tan we all know too well.

Naked tan have a beautiful natural tan shade in their range , perfect for brides as well as darker shades for those with olive complexions

Your Tan will last 7-14 days

I bring everything compresser spray gun , towels and pop up spray booth.

Anywhere Hair & Make-Up is a mobile tanning service. Available Monday to Friday 9.30am-2pm. Service area is  Within 10 minutes of Wynnum. You are welcome to come to me in and outside of these hours.

This means there’s no need to worry about dressing in your fitted clothes. You can simply walk around in your robe in the comfort of your own home. It’s the most relaxing and enjoyable way to let your tan settle as you relax until bathing two hours later .

Preparation for your spray tan

Exfoliate body using a loofah sponge and body wash/soap, which helps to remove all the dead skin cells. Focus on areas such as knees, elbows, feet, heels and ankles. Do not use an oily/moisturizing shower gel/soap. Make sure all waxing/shaving is done at least 12 hours before the spray tan to give the pores time to close.

On the day you receive the tan, do not place any product on the body. For example: moisturiser, perfumes, powders, deodorants etc . Remove Jewellery and make up if you can.

Own underwear/bikini can be worn but dark cotton is preferred as solution will go on to fabric when sprayed, the product will come out in the wash. Or simply go nude. Do not be shy.  Spray tanners have seen it all.  The less you wear, the better the results.
If you feel more comfortable wearing your underwear, please wear them.

After your spray tan

Pick loose dark clothing to place on after a spray tan. Cotton is the preferred material as the solution will wash out of this quite easily.  Avoid wearing a bra straight away if possible as the strap will rub on the tan solution and may remove a little.

Naked Tan is a wash ‘n’ wear 2 hour solution, so after 2 hours it is safe to wash off the spray tan.  It is not recommended to leave it on for any longer than 4 hours.

Avoid long soaks in water and heavy exercise.    It is normal for some colour (bronzer) to come off when you first shower.    When in the shower do not scrub your skin.    Wash your body with body wash gently and  without a loofah.   When drying, pat your skin rather than rub it.    The tan will continue to develop over the next 12 hrs.

The more you moisturise your body in the days after a spray tan, the longer the spray tan will last.  It is recommended that in summer you moisturise at least once a day and twice a day in winter.

Do not shave, wax, or exfoliate as this will remove the tan.

Drinking water after a spray tan will help keep your skin hydrated.

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